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Norm Of The North ##VERIFIED##

None of his jokes or antics are amusing and neither are those of an accompanying trio of indestructible lemmings, little more than Minions ripoffs with high RPM gibberish speech and a fondness for slapstick. Prone to breaking out in random dance parties, the furballs urinate, vomit and pass gas with equal aplomb but somehow reserve defecation for Socrates the seagull (Bill Nighy, slumming it) in an early scene back up north.

Norm of the North

This paper is concerned with the estimation of the L 1 norm of the difference between a function of bounded variation and an associated Bernstein polynomial, and with the analogous problem for a Lebesgue integrable function of bounded variation inside (0, 1). A real-valued function defined in the open interval (0, 1) is said to be of bounded variation inside (0, 1) if it is of bounded variation in every closed subinterval of (0, 1). The class of these functions will be denoted by BV*. To formulate some of the results, we state the following lemma, which is a simple consequence of the well-known canonical representation of a function of bounded variation. 041b061a72


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