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Dual Boot Android Windows Ce 15

i'll talk you through the two most common options: windows and linux dual booting. linux and windows are completely different systems, with different philosophies and approaches. dual booting them together is usually a messy affair.

dual boot android windows ce 15

to be safe, we'll assume that you have a spare hard drive or you've bought a second hard drive and want to add it to your computer. we'll also assume that you're using the windows you have on your computer. if you're using windows 8, we'll also assume you have an ssd. windows 8 also offers the option to install to a traditional hard drive (hdd), which you might prefer. to be clear, the windows and linux operating systems can be installed to separate drives, or you can install both on the same drive.

in this article, we'll go over how to install windows, linux, and then how to install windows and linux on the same computer. this is the recommended way to do it. this is also the easiest and safest way to dual boot your windows pc.

the two main operating systems are windows and linux. linux is a family of open source operating systems developed around the concept of free and open-source software. windows is the operating system developed by microsoft and is used by millions of people worldwide.

installing linux will give you the freedom to use almost any program you want, without having to worry about licensing. windows is a commercial product. it gives you access to millions of programs that are developed by microsoft. it also gives you the ability to run programs that are not compatible with linux.


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