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Ll Brown Font Family

Evidently, LL Brown owes to the seminal type designs of Edward Johnston and Arno Drescher, who with Johnston (ca. 1915) and Super Grotesk (ca. 1930) each created immensely influential and successful geometric typefaces.Yet Aurèle Sack was not aiming at a revival font. Using the historic predecessors for formal cues, he kept developing it more freely, adding a similarly purist and near-surgical flavour as with his earlier typefaces. LL Brown has been prominently featured in various design publications and was awarded the Swiss Design Award in 2010. It is available in five weights: Thin, Light, Regular, Bold and Black, all of them in Reclining and Italic.

Ll Brown Font Family

The Cansu font family is a clean, plated typeface with a minimalistic feel to it, working wonders when properly kerned and especially in all-caps. The clean and geometric aesthetic, complements Baskerville quite well.

In fact, supported fonts vary based on the operating systems, including the current version a user has. So if you design a website with a font only supported by the newest version of Windows 10, most users will see something else.

Bodoni MT is a serif font, like Times New Roman, more suitable for paragraph text than headlines for most websites. Bodoni MT is available by default with Microsoft 10 and some older versions. Bodoni 72 is included with macOS Sierra and newer versions.

Cambria is an even softer serif font, with, in many cases, barely noticeable serifs even for capital letters. This gives it a more modern feel and also maintains a high level of readability on screens.

Courier New is a monospaced slab serif font, with much thinner regular text than most other serif and sans serif fonts. It has almost perfect coverage by both Microsoft and Apple on both computers and mobile devices.

Garamond is a serif font, inspired by typefaces made by the 16th-century Parisian engraver, Claude Garamond. It has softer, rounder edges than some of the more standard serif fonts, like Times New Roman. Modern versions of Microsoft and Apple OS include their own versions of the Garamond font.

If you used a template to build your website, your CSS is most likely located in a separate stylesheet. This is great because it means you can change the font for your whole site by editing just one file.

The clean and highly legible typeface looks modern and minimalistic. The name of the type featured on the Ripple logo is LL Brown. The font family started as a collaborative project by Zurich-based designers Urs Lehni and Lex Trüb. The author of the font is Aurèle Sack.

We will look at the history and characteristics of the Raleway font family, and we'll also share our curated selection of elegant fonts similar to Raleway that are available from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Raleway is classified as an open-source sans-serif typeface and falls in the category of a neo-grotesque font family, which is known for its straight lines with very little line width variation and its plain, minimal aesthetics. The Raleway typeface was initially created and designed in 2010 as a thin-weight font by American designer, Matt Mclnerney. It was released as a single thin-weight font by The League of Movable Type, and by 2012, it was expanded to nine family weights by designers Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida.

Raleway is a sleek, light, and open typeface that appears functional and sharp. The minimalist-style display font features both old-style ligatures and numerals as well as stylistic alternates and character sets. Although at first sight, the font appears simple, it actually holds plenty of personality hidden in the overbite of the lowercase 'e', the slightly curled foot of the 'l', and the distinct double-crossed 'w'. The Raleway font is elegant, versatile, and performs well when working in print or web.

Raleway is a must-have designer font because it is highly legible and stylish, and it's a great choice when working with either print or web and when targeting an audience with universal appeal. It is particularly designed for titles, subtitles, headlines, small paragraphs, and web design use. Raleway font is also applied to logos, brochures, advertising, and much more.

Do you know what font is similar to Raleway? Now that we know a little something about the history and characteristics of the simple, legible, and stylistic Raleway font, let's move on to see our curated selection of fonts similar to Raleway from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. You can start creating elegant designs straight away with these font choices!

The Metrisch type family is a similar font to Raleway. The typeface has a traditional geometric build, sturdy construction, a straight look with sharp corners, and a refined look. It comes in various weights from extra light to extra bold, which makes it a great choice to work with on designs for magazines, headlines, advertising, logos, signage, and much more. Give it a go!

If you are looking for a great addition to your font library, Mriya Grotesk is a minimal and clean sans-serif font that works wonderfully for a large set of projects from web to print, including bodies of text, logos, corporate identities, branding, and other graphic work. The typeface family includes four weights and italic versions of the font weights.

How about Phenom Grotesque when looking for a font similar to Raleway? The Phenom typeface is modern, minimalistic, and the perfect choice when it comes to creative typography designs, packaging, web design, branding, and more.

A modern and minimal typeface with traditional grotesque characteristics and 14 styles, the Groteska font family typeface is a clean font substitute for the Raleway sans-serif font. Give this font a shot in your next design project, whether you are designing for print or web.

A well-designed sans-serif typeface, Focus Grotesk is a smoother and more rounded variation of the Raleway font. The typeface is sleek and semi-geometric in style, which makes it perfect for body text, headlines, print, logo design, graphics, and branding projects.

Isn't this font easy on the eye? The Ripple font has the right characteristics for legible text, making it ideal for serving different purposes in your design work. It is minimal, modern, and suitable for creating everything from headlines to branding, logotypes, and corporate identities. Take it for a test drive!

A geometric-looking typeface, Echo Grotesk is a sans-serif font family that can substitute for the Raleway typeface. Both fonts are inspired by early grotesque typefaces, are rich in multilingual support, and feature a clean, straightforward design. If you are looking for a quick font addition, this one is a good alternative choice to Raleway.

Love a clean, minimalist sans-serif font? Kross Neue Grotesk is a typeface family that features 12 well-designed font weights made with attention to every detail. There's everything from thin to heavy italic, and lots of options to try and apply to different design layouts. Kross Neue Grotesk is a recommended alternative to the Raleway font family.

Similar font to Raleway, Einer Grotesk is made with perfection. It is a timeless sans-serif typeface and a must-have in your font library. Its readability and visual aesthetics make it an outstanding option for creating graphics, banners, logotypes, corporate identities, and a wide range of graphic design projects. Einer Grotesk can be your go-to font for most projects.

Osanda has a grotesque touch and a more modern, expanded, and flexible approach as a Raleway substitute font. The sans-serif font is suited for various projects like brand identity, apparel, books, and movies.

Celesta is a neat sans-serif font with thin lettering similar to Raleway. This font will help your projects stand out and can be easily matched to any kind of design project with small text or big titles.

Introducing Gorga Grotesque, a modern sans-serif font suitable for any design work that requires readability and legibility such as print, screen, e-books, headlines, banners, websites, mobile applications, and way more! A font similar to Raleway, Gorga Grotesque is well worth a try.

Similar to Raleway, Luxora Grotesk has the finest sans-serif characteristics, which make it the perfect font choice when applied to graphic design projects. Luxora comes in a total of 14 fonts and offers various weights. It's suited for web design, print, display, and a wide range of design projects.

If you are looking for a warm, functional font for regular text, your best bet is AS Loqus. This charming sans-serif font comes in five different weight options and blends well for headline text, paragraphs, or used as small text. Go ahead, download it and give it a try!

If you are thinking of pairing Raleway or its substitutes with another font, try out Flagoria Calintha. This serif-type font comes conveniently in nine different weights and is classy and modern. Flagoria Calintha is well suited for editorial design, fashion branding, logos, stationery, website headers, and more. Give it a go!

Madelin will create a good contrast with Raleway, which will create a high-end and elevated look for your designs. The font family comes with a wide choice of weights, and it can be used for anything from a web layout to magazines, package designs, books, advertising material, and more.

Take a look at this font. Arkibal Serif is a modern serif typeface with a mix of classic letters but with a modern twist. This font is simple, clean, and comes in six styles. It's a great font for branding and a good Raleway font pairing alternative.

Also what you can try is a versatile typeface with elements of calligraphy, such as the Addington font. This trusty go-to font has a great blend of character and traditional style that suits any design work with large or small text. Addington is a wonderful Raleway font pairing choice.

Looking for a strong contrast in your font pairing? Try out the strong and geometric Ferguson Slab font family. This typeface holds a very versatile style and neat looks, which are great assets when used in editorial, typographic, or formal design work. It's also suitable for sports themes, logotypes, and social movements. 350c69d7ab


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