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Back N Fourth - Best Friend (Soda State Remix - Audio)

At Ajay's wedding, Shanaya sees Ro flirting with Tanya and feels betrayed; in return, she openly flirts with Abhi, who tacitly hints her off, to make Ro jealous. Over this period, Abhi realizes that he, too, has fallen for Shanaya. Meanwhile, back at the school, the "Student of the Year" competition commences, with the first rounds being a quiz test, a treasure hunt and a dance battle. Shanaya slowly develops feelings for Abhi over the course of the competition. Abhi's grandmother becomes ill before the dance battle and Abhi's aunt berates him for bringing bad luck to every family he goes to. After the death of Abhi's grandmother, Shanaya helps him cope and, feeling attracted to each other in a tender moment, they share a kiss. Ro witnesses this, resulting in a fight between him and Abhi. Following an intense confrontation with Ashok back home, Ro is now determined to win the competition. Shanaya and her best friend Shruti fall out over the competition, and so does Ro and his friend Jeet, who always followed him around as a stooge. Shanaya goes with Jeet to the dance battle, and Abhi goes with Shruti, while Ro goes with Tanya. Shanaya, conflicted by her feelings, leaves in the middle of the dance battle, and she, Sudo and Tanya are eliminated.

Back N Fourth - Best Friend (Soda State Remix - Audio)

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