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Big Country Crossing Deluxe Rar

Kansas City's indigenous brand of blues differed considerably from the blues styles developed in other parts of the country in that many of its leading practitioners hailed from a strong jazz background. Another distinguishing factor was K.C.'s reliance on huge horn sections. The city boasted an incredible array of influential big bands led by titans such as Count Basie, Jay McShann, Benny Moten, and Andy Kirk that deftly blended swing and blues into one irresistibly appealing whole. That Big Joe was exposed early and often to such jumping fare no doubt played an incalculable part in his development.

Big Country Crossing Deluxe Rar

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For the debut LP Sundown they brought in phenomenal guitarist Alejandro Escovedo (formerly of the Nuns and True Believers, and still going very strong) and drummer Slim Evans. This is nothing but a seminal precursor to the whole and Americana movement, later popularized by Uncle Tupelo, Whiskeytown et al. At the time this vital combination of punk rock and country music came to be known as cowpunk. Rank and File stands next to the likes of Jason & the Scorchers, The Beat Farmers and The Blasters in pioneering this kinda lovely music, especially here on their debut album that is by far their finest moment.

John Fahey is considered as one of the greatest country blues fingerstyle guitarists, and the master of American Primitive Guitar. Armed with his steel-string acoustic guitar, John Fahey recorded numerous classic albums since his debut album Blind Joe Death (1959) and up to the posthumously released Red Cross in 2003.

We were becoming an American answer to Rockpile, and soon Native Sons was the #4 album on the College Radio/Indie charts. Back then, this meant radio airplay, record sales and positive reviews in every newspaper in the country.

Aretha (1980) was a pretty impressive reintroduction, if not an out-of-the-gate smash. Lead single "United Together" marked the Queen's re-entry into the upper reaches of the Billboard R&B charts, peaking at No. 3 and crossing over into the lower reaches of the Hot 100. (Franklin had not had a Top 10 R&B hit since 1977.) The album's victories were more behind-the-scenes; the album was her first with legendary Atlantic producer Arif Mardin since 1973's With Everything I Feel in Me, and Franklin took to some of the writing herself, taking credits on three of the album's nine tracks. (The biggest tunes, however, are covers, notably Otis Redding's "I Can't Turn You Loose" and "What a Fool Believes," written for The Doobie Brothers by lead singer Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins.)

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