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Wing It Like WitchesThe Owl House : Season 1 Ep...

While some feel that Amity is growing into her feelings that go beyond being just friends with Luz, it feels like some of the focus this season may be on what Luz thinks. Last season saw her really wanting to be friends with Amity, but it feels like she is currently struggling with feelings of her own.

Wing It Like WitchesThe Owl House : Season 1 Ep...


This was an episode that once it got started, I was starting to feel like things were getting back on track with the familiar story structure of the previous season. However, much like the last episode Separate Tides, this story feels like it is a little too overloaded with stuff.

After Amity, Luz, Willow, Gus, and Hunter were effectively stranded in the Human Realm by King, they went to Luz's home where Luz was reunited with her mother Camila, who took them in and fed them as they told her about Emperor Belos, the Collector, and the Day of Unity. While helping them settle down in the Nocedas' home, Vee tries to show Amity and Willow how an alarm clock works, but both mistake it for something dangerous and destroy it. Over the next few months, Amity, Willow, Gus, and Hunter continue learning about the Human Realm while trying to making a portal back to the Boiling Isles, but the attempts at the latter end in failure. Amity and Luz admit their relationship to Camila who supports them without question. While fixing up the abandoned house as their hangout, Amity drew a picture of Alador, Edric and Emira to hang on a bulletin board there, but excluded Odalia from the picture as she is likely still angry at her mother for going along with Belos and the draining spell. 041b061a72


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