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Apple Is Poised To Transform And Dominate The Media Landscape

As my colleague Matthew Yglesias has written, "Digital technology has transformed a handful of industries in the media/entertainment space that occupy a mindshare that's out of proportion to their overall economic importance. The robots aren't taking our jobs; they're taking our leisure."

Apple is poised to transform and dominate the media landscape

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As the digital world has taken over the modern business landscape, some of the most valuable companies in the world are in the tech sphere. Many of these companies have diverse interests and divisions, including in various forms of digital media and related ventures. As such, the top digital media companies are among the largest corporations on Earth.

The @import rules in the above examples show media-dependent conditions that will need to be true before the linked CSS rules are applied. So for instance, the last @import rule will load the landscape.css stylesheet only on a screen device in landscape orientation.

Viewer choice is no longer a problem in the world of smart TVs and streaming sticks, catch-up and on-demand. This rapidly changing media landscape means Channel 4 is facing unprecedented competition for viewers, programmes and talent from global giants with deep pockets. Netflix spent 779 million on UK original productions in 2020 - more than twice as much as Channel 4.

But the current regime was created via the Broadcasting Act in 1996, in a different media landscape where competition facing PSBs was limited. The consumption habits of viewers are changing rapidly and PSBs are now required to compete for sports rights with global media platforms.


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