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Buy $500 Visa Gift Card

Looks like you can only buy AgFed Visa gift cards in branch. Change must have happened in the last week or so because I just bought a few last week and they arrived yesterday, but when I checked online tonight, I saw this message ( -services/visa-gift-cards/):

buy $500 visa gift card

Effective Monday, November 16, 2015, AgFed will no longer offer the option of purchasing VISA Gift Cards online. If you would like to purchase a gift card, please visit one of our branches to do so. For further information on registering, activating and viewing balances on your VISA Gift Card, please click here.

Advertiser Disclosure: Many (but not all) of the credit card offers on the site are from banks from which we receive compensation if you are approved. Compensation does not impact the placement of cards in content. Banner advertising, in contrast, is paid for by advertisers (we do not directly control the banner advertising on this blog).

I don't include all US credit card offers available on this site. Instead, I write primarily about cards which earn airline miles, hotel points, and some cash back (or have points that can be converted into the same).

Ready to pack up the kids for a long-awaited Disney vacation? But scared off by the high prices of Disney resorts or the thought of squeezing together in a cramped, standard hotel room? Here's your chance to take the dream Disney vacation you always wanted! You'll enjoy all the room you need with 3 days and 2 nights in a luxurious 2-bedroom resort villa, plus you'll receive a $500 VISA gift card (for Disney tickets or in park purchases) - all for just one low, discounted price!

The only thing better than a Walt Disney World Resort vacation is a Disney vacation in a spacious 2-bedroom resort villa! In addition to $500 VISA gift card (for Disney tickets or in park purchases), you and your family will enjoy a 2 night stay in an amazing villa with all the comforts of home - including 2 separate and private bedrooms. The highlight might be a day at Disney, but you'll be just as eager to spend a day at the resort exploring and enjoying the many activities and adventures available. Your villa features a fully-equipped kitchen, saving you money while allowing you to fix a quick snack or a full meal. You'll also enjoy a private patio or balcony, separate living, sleeping and dining areas, large screen TVs, multiple bathrooms and more. Here's just some of the other amenities:

This time, Cofense analysts purchased $500 worth of trackable gift cards to intentionally give to scammers in the hopes of discovering what happens once scammers receive these funds. With gift cards continuing to be one of the more difficult cash-out methods to track, due to the complexity and locality of the information, we had no idea what we would find.

In all but one case, each gift card was stolen, re-sold, and used for purchases within 24 hours. And while scammers do have preferences for the brand of cards they target, they are willing to pivot depending on the cards available. Based on the research, scammers prefer to use in-store cards over credit card gift cards.

Based on empirical evidence captured by defenders around the world, we know that once gift cards are stolen, they are sold locally or remotely via gift card exchanges. For gift cards sold remotely, many appear to be sold on cryptocurrency exchanges, where cards can be sold for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other forms of digital payments. While many of the remotely sold gift cards are exchanged for 80-85% of the face value, cards can be purchased locally for around 50% of the face value, depending on the country. While a fuller picture of how gift card fraud works are limited to the organizations and institutions who manage this infrastructure, we do know current losses are in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Traditionally, Business Email Compromise (BEC) is straight forward. In these attacks, a scammer impersonates a C-level executive within the company to convince unsuspecting users to make urgent wire transfers to vendors, organizations, and other accounts that they control. As awareness of this tactic grew, organizations adapted and increased their diligence against these types of attacks. Attackers took notice and started to adjust their attack methods to include payroll diversion, invoice fraud, check fraud, and the topic of this research: gift cards.

Once the unsuspecting victim has taken the bait and responded to the scammer, they will be asked to go to a local store to purchase gift cards, often in $100 or $500 dollar denominations. After the cards have been purchased, the scammers ask the victims to scratch off the back code and send them pictures of the cards. Once received, the scammers confirm receipt and push the victim to send more cards or money over time.

While we focus on one small piece of gift card fraud, we acknowledge that there are many other areas of gift card fraud that are not fully understood. We know cryptocurrency theft, re-shipping scams, in-person purchases, and many other angles of gift card fraud exist. In addition, a fuller scope view of how gift card fraud works is held with card distributors and brokers, and more extensive collaboration is necessary in order to facilitate a better understanding of the gift card ecosystem.

In the initial phish, Ian asked if we could do something for them right away. Ian was in a meeting with limited connectivity and asked if we could purchase 5 Steam gift cards, an online platform for purchasing video games, for a total of $1,000 (5x$200). To set up the bait, we told Ian that Visa cards were the only ones we could purchase and asked if we could use those instead of the requested Steam gift cards. Ian confirmed, and we provided a single $25 dollar gift card. Ian kept asking if there was something wrong with the transaction as they were expecting multiple cards, however we only provided one gift card in this engagement. The total interaction and engagement lasted two days.

After selling the card, it was used to purchase five instances of TikTok Live via the Google play store. The information was passed over to TikTok in case the card was used as part of another fraud scheme and no further information was provided to Cofense.

For the gift card in this transaction, unknown persons purchased $25 worth of products with GivingLi, a greetings and gift card company. While we do not have visibility into the product or good that was purchased, historically we have seen Yahoo Boys and other scammers sending cards and flowers to romance victims to keep them in the scheme for longer periods.

One of the interesting things we noticed is that we purchased the gift cards prior to the engagement and the scammer was quick to identify this discrepancy, however we just said that the credit card machines were giving the incorrect dates on the receipts, and this was enough for the scammer to accept the difference.

While most scammers assume one persona during an engagement, this scammer went through four different names for the entirety of the campaign. John Slattery, Jerry Williams, Roger Jenkins, and Stephen Timm all asked about gift cards in the same exact thread. This commonly happens when scammers get confused and use different display names during engagements, as they will sometimes engage with multiple companies per account. In addition, the scammer used six different subject lines during this engagement.

After the card was provided to the scammer, the card was used at a company called FLUZ AWAY. Fluz is an application that runs on your phone that allows you to receive points and cash back on products and services that you use. Money can be loaded into the app then used at these locations for purchasing products.

And as counter intuitive as it may sound, it was especially difficult to convince scammers to take the gift cards that we had. They had pre-defined scripts in $100 dollar denominations, and if something deviated out of that it really seemed to throw them for a loop. In addition, timing of the receipts was also another metric that scammers looked for, and if something was outside the scope of the normal time frame scammers were very hesitant to use them.

This isn't the first magically disappearing gift card money Contact Denver7 has exposed. With a slightly different twist, Jesse Dixon had $250 drained from a Visa gift card by scammers, and Contact Denver7 helped to get his money back.

"Finally, Apple came back and said, 'The verification code on that card is no good. We'll send you a new one,'" said Rodke. "I don't know how to say thank you, other than thank you very much for stepping in and getting this done for me. This just helped out so so much."

The first step was to buy a reloadable Visa gift card with my credit card. I live in Hawaii where the options for this are bleak. I found a Safeway with a sign saying that variable value gift cards had to be purchased with cash, but I decided to see if the sign was mistaken and took this Visa gift card issued by MetaBank to the register.

@RickB- You are incorrect-actually, that is a Metabank gift card and you must call their 800 number to pick a PIN. I do it all the time with gift cards purchased from Safeway. Look closely at the packaging.

I use Safeway as my primary outlet to buy gift cards. Safeway will sell you ANY type of gift card (except cards that can be reloaded) with the credit card. The ONLY was I see this is worthwhile is using a card with a category bonus. I use my United Select Visa and generate about 12,000 miles monthly with this technique.

You could lower your cost marginally by combining two gift cards for a $999.30 MO (max that WM allows). Mine lets me pay for one order with two gift cards. One vanilla is usually cheaper for purchase fees if you can find it (4.95). Works out to 56 cpm which is not ideal but not too bad.

A Verizon Gift Card is a payment card that can be used to buy Verizon mobile or home devices or accessories, replenish your prepaid mobile plan, or pay your mobile or home account's bill.Buy a Verizon Gift Card. 041b061a72


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