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Download Deewaar Full Movie 720p

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download Deewaar full movie 720p

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the film was one of the first films shot in india to introduce the bollywood style of mise-en-scene. it is widely regarded as one of the best action films of all time, as well as the "first indian film to feature a car chase". the director, yash chopra, created a unique style of filming, with many different camera angles and stunts that added to the suspense of the movie and the flow of the film. the film was also known for amitabh bachchan's first public performance in a leading role, with naseeruddin shah. it was a commercial success, and remains a major classic in bollywood and indian cinema.

deewaar is the first of the five indian films that amitabh bachchan, shashi kapoor and shammi kapoor would be paired up in (the other four being deewaar, deewaar (1979), kaash, and jab jab phool khile). the trio of actors is known for romantic comedies, thrillers, action and fantasy movies. the 1975 film was directed by yash chopra and is considered a milestone in bollywood. the film was a success at the box office, which was the first of many in the amitabh bachchan-shammi kapoor-shashi kapoor film trilogy.

the 1975 movie was directed by yash chopra and was written by javed akhtar. the movie is set in bombay, india. the story revolves around vijay and ravi verma, brothers who live in mumbai. vijay is a dockyard worker and ravi is a police officer. the two brothers fight over the same girl, their mother, and vijay's father. the vermas live in a small apartment in the dockyard. vijay's father anand verma is a union leader, but is ousted by the management of his firm using his sons as bait. anand verma is forced to leave his family and is declared a pariah. he eventually leaves his family and dies in an accident. their mother raises them both.


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