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NEW Hoopz Script GUI UPDATE (Aimbot, Walk Into ...

p.s.Aside from potential camera issues, etc., might it be better security to perform Apple security updates on the open wifi at Apple Stores? I assume Apple would frown upon customers plugging routers into their infrastructure.

NEW Hoopz Script GUI UPDATE (Aimbot, Walk Into ...

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Talking about state machine control, it can be a blessing or a curse and I have been bitten so many times while coding a simple state machine because the codes gets squeezed and messy even in the IDE as you are allowed only 1 code package per applet as you find space for more codes. My APDU protocol words by implementing a stateful state machine by setting aside 2 bytes in RAM space for Major State byte and Minor State byte. Everytime you call a function that requires more than 1 trip of packet exchange, it updates the state machine by placing the Major State and Minor State into the correct state and always go about checking the state machine for corruption (easier said than done ? ). 041b061a72


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