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Open Source Intelligence Techniques Michael Bazzell Pdf 35

the legal analysis of open source intelligence data is, however, not only difficult. it is also at least questionable if the legal requirements and regulations which are currently in place are adequate to protect people. the processes for legal compliance are to some extent counter-productive. all kinds of data are collected. the investigation of the management of this data is, however, only possible with great difficulty. one has to start with a great number of different sources. those sources are often in different languages. in addition, it is rather difficult to get legal consent for the investigation of the source material. in addition, it is very likely that the law enforcement agencies will be successful in hiding the existence of those investigations.

open source intelligence techniques michael bazzell pdf 35

the legal requirements and regulations which are currently in place are also too restrictive. it is not only a question of legal requirements and regulations. it is also a question of legal descriptions which are, in turn, questions of semantics. the terminology used by those terms is very broad. that means that all kinds of open source data are included in the scope of the terms. this includes the data of an intelligence agency. this is dangerous. open source data should be subject to the same legal requirements and regulations as other kinds of data. this is not the case.

as a result of the studies conducted by epple and ludewig,osint could be defined as a specialized sub-domain of network intelligence. epple andludewig compare network intelligence with the so-called clue-basedintelligence(clue-based intelligence 0000 ). in contrast to network intelligence, clue-based intelligence is a technique that relies on the detection of humans and their activities and communication. thus, its focus is not on networks but on the detection and understanding of human activities and communication. therefore, it comprises the usage of human intelligence, but also forensic techniques and the analysis of the data found. this technique is based on the principle that humans usually generate evidence of their activities through their habits and communication.


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