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My Singing Monsters: How to Collect and Customize Over 150 Monsters

In this music arcade game, you have to create your own orchestra, in which you will take on the role of a conductor. You will start the game from an empty, quiet island, but suddenly singing monsters appear on it, with which you will create your own orchestra. You will be able to use the skills of dozens of cute monsters when writing your unique composition. At the same time, each of the available monsters will have their own unique vocal abilities.

Your primary goal in this game is to collect and breed monsters. This will involve hatching eggs, feeding them, and watching them grow into unique and rare singing creatures. Each monster will bring a different musical instrument or sound to your island's performance, creating a delightful and harmonious tune.

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My Singing Monsters is a game in which you will see different Monsters singing a particular song. When you start this game, you will see a white Monster that will start the song. But as you unlock new Monsters the song in the background will become more intense. All of these monsters have a particular voice that will add the New Effects to the song that is playing in the background. You can also unlock new sound effects to customise it a little bit.


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