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Geet Gata Chal Hindi Movie Free 12

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thakur pandit, the author, makes a brief appearance in the book. k.s. rana, another renowned kishtwari poet, is cited in a long quotation to prove that kishtwari is one of the oldest and most ancient in india. rana says that it was in the time of bhima and hrithik, you know, the legendary time when kishtwari culture flourished. that is way the book reads in kishtwari poetry, by the way kishtwari or kishtavi poetry is similar to the itihasa section of the bhagavad gita,which is, interestingly enough, actually composed in kishtwari language. in another places rana gives a sample of kishtwari kavya using rana's own poem and explains why it is written in old court kishtwari. overall, the book is an amazing compilation of facts, trivia and interesting facts about bollywood and kishtwari language. true, there are many other indian languages and dialects written in india like marathi, kannada, tamil and a few others but the speech patterns and form of writing these languages is different from the old vishnubharati or kishtwari. the whole collection of information is fabulous. the only drawback is that the book has to be memorized, thus the process of reading it is very slow.


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